Love at first sight for infinite enjoyment

LACTAE HEVEA & YOU - Excellence by nature

Dream of excellence

Soles play an essential role in your shoes; this is why fine brands and lovers of fine shoes opt for the excellence of LACTAE HEVEA®.


LACTAE HEVEA® soles carry you.
Of natural origin, they have distinguishing features and
are a source of inspiration for the most demanding designers.
Perfect harmony between authenticity and modernity.

Experience absolute comfort

The extraordinarily supple LACTAE HEVEA® sole espouses the shape of your foot and accompanies its natural movements.
With every step you take, shocks are absorbed.
Walking becomes pure delight!



The secret of this well-being is the honeycomb microstructure, made of an infinite number of air bubbles to act as a shock absorber. The LACTAE HEVEA® sole is particularly recommended by the medical profession for its protective care of the foot, achieved thanks to the perfect distribution of pressure, and for its unrivalled comfort.

Preserve nature

Cultivated in tropical plantations, the hevea tree contains a noble and precious material: its milk. This milk is taken following the tree's natural production cycle. A new tree is planted after the old one has been exploited for 25 years. The purity of the virgin hevea milk gives rise to the exceptional, natural LACTAE HEVEA® sole, resulting from a unique artisanal process which respects the environment.


The LACTAE HEVEA® sole lives and improves with time. Its noble and natural material is a hallmark of each model and thereby makes it unique. Slight visual imperfections resulting from the natural origin of the sole are proof of its authenticity. The living LACTAE HEVEA® sole is of natural origin, and may therefore develop a thin white veil due to exposure to light or heat. This will disappear simply by cleaning with water. LACTAE HEVEA® soles are naturally affected by contact with oily substances. Like all natural products, such as leather or crêpe, the usual precautions should be taken on slippery floors.

Exceptional craftsmanship

Distinguished by excellent traditional know-how, LACTAE HEVEA® soles are listed on the UNESCO Inventory of Rare Crafts. Thanks to this exceptional know-how, RELTEX is an Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company).


Only the meticulous and exacting hand of the craftsman can bring out the natural qualities and the nobility of virgin hevea milk. Today, the RELTEX family firm perpetuates this know-how in France. Using a world-unique process of refining virgin hevea milk, more than fifty operations, all carried out by hand are required to make, one by one, each LACTAE HEVEA® sole.

Give in to temptation!

The finest shoe brands opt for quality and comfort by choosing LACTAE HEVEA® soles. Find your shoes with LACTAE HEVEA® soles in our partner brand shops.